Rolls Royce to recreate 1913 Alpine Trial endurance drive


To prove their cars are much more than refined rides that upper crust royalty ride around in, Rolls-Royce is re-creating its 1913 Alpine Trial, which it considers to be one of the automotive world’s most gruelling tests of endurance.

Some 40 Silver Ghosts will embark from Vienna through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy before returning to Vienna, amassing 1,800 miles to celebrate the 1913 Trials, depicting the endurance of the Silver Ghost’s reliability. It is meant to underscore the slogan of “Best Car in the World.”

Eight of the 40 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts participating in the rally, many over a century old, have been meticulously prepared by the P&A Wood dealership’s skilled technicians.

“P&A Wood plays a vital role in preserving the marque’s rich history whilst contributing significantly to the contemporary Rolls-Royce success story,” said James Crichton, Regional Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Europe. He added: “Investment in a new dedicated Rolls-Royce showroom space is testament to a shared commitment to long-term sustainable growth and providing a sales and aftersales experience befitting the world’s leading super-luxury marque.”

P&A Wood’s motto; ‘Attention to Detail’ echoes the sentiments of Rolls-Royce founding father Sir Henry Royce who famously implored his staff to “Strive for perfection in everything you do”.

final preparations are underway at the P&A Wood dealership in Essex, England for the re-creation of the 1913 Trial.

final preparations are underway at the P&A Wood dealership in Essex, England for the re-creation of the 1913 Trial.

“This is an extraordinarily busy time for the workshop” said Georgina Wood, P&A Wood. Adding: “Eight cars have been sent here from around the world for their final preparations, many of which over a century old. However, such is the enduring engineering integrity of a Rolls-Royce, I am certain they will negotiate the challenging Alpine roads as effortlessly as they did 100 years ago.”


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