Personalize your vehicle’s grille

sun jeep

Back in the day, a true sign of an automobile’s longevity was foretold by the medallion affixed to the car’s grille, telling the curious of how many miles it have traveled.


With larger cars came larger grilles, such as with the Mercedes-Benz that resembled a wired bird cage or Volvos that could attach four or sometimes five medallions that boasted of the car’s longevity.

It was a mark of personalization then that seems lost in today’s 24/7 rush, rush world. I’m sure some young tike would say that those were on old cars back then. True enough, but today’s active lifestyles have numerous graphics for the metal or what some consider tacky truck trailer hitch “decorations” such as TruckNutz other than the ubiquitous tennis ball.

If you’re a hunter, policeman, an alum from Kansas State or just want to show off love of the sun on your Jeep, Rhode Island’s Grillie has an emblem for you.

fj duck3Cast in solid metal with a protective finish to withstand New England winters or the sun in Arizona and beyond, each distinctive piece let’s a vehicle receive a decorative medallion that tells the motoring world about the specific interest of the driver.

Grillies cover a wide range of categories that include hobbies, seashore, dogs and cats, southwestern, occupations, equestrian sports, religious, sportsman/wildlife, and others.

Most will already have the tools necessary to attach their grillie or they can follow a short youtube video on the company website. Grillies run $49.95 and range from about 3″ by 3″ to more rectangular shapes such as a fish.

Some designs came from the state’s famed students at RISD or the Rhode Island School of Design.

If you’re not a fan of bumper stickers, window decals and want something that’s between a classy European hood ornament and your own yacht club lapel pin, Grillie has something in its 12 collection groups to choose from.

Find them on the web at or also on Facebook.

mini cooper lab

photos courtesy of Grillie


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