Mini goes big to attempt record setting parade ‘Across the Mack’

Minis on the Mack

Minis on the Mack


Mini has never made a secret out of its small shape providing big surprises behind the wheel when motoring. They like to play with words, have out of the box ads, and … ahem, think big.

It’s not shocking to learn that on Sat. Aug. 3 they’ll attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest parade of Minis across Michigan’s famed 26,37s-foot  Mackinac Bridge.

Mini USA and the Mini dealer in Grand Rapids, Mich. are hoping to amass more than 1,451 minis along I-75 and the “mack bridge” to set the record.

After the bridge crossing, lunch and entertainment will be provided for all MINI motorists at Little Bear East Arena, St. Ignace, followed by a short walk downtown to the Bayside Music Festival which concludes with fireworks at dusk.

“Our ‘NOT NORMAL’ brand campaign conveys MINI’s individual, high-energy attitude toward life and highlights MINI’s strong, independent character. This July we’re rolling out the second phase of our brand campaign in several bold and refreshing ways and MINI ON THE MACK is a perfect example of that philosophy,” said Tom Salkowsky, Department Head, MINI Marketing.


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