Blue Link proving valuable tie to Hyundai owners in 2 short years


Sure, we’d like to say we told you so  – in a nice way with all due respect of course – but our the first spring panel that the New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) held at MIT (yes, THAT MIT)  was on Connectivity and the Car.

Simply, we’re all getting wired up in the cars with smartphones, apps, adapters, bluetooth and a lot more than just having an adapter accept our iPod to play our songs. The connection with “cloud services” is vital and now an accepted almost expected part of the automotive industry for folks purchasing new vehicles.

The folks at Hyundai launched their version of cloud service about two years ago, called Blue Link. First seen in the Veloster and Sonata, Blue Link now spans across most Hyundais, providing access to over 30 cloud-enabled safety and convenience features.

Studying the growth and feedback from users helped Hyundai create Assurance Connected Care for Hyundai car owners.

The infographic below, based on anonymous data gathered from 400,000+ Blue Link subscribers, illustrates some of these stories.

  • Hyundai owners have interacted with Blue Link more than 6.8 million times
  • 10,700+ Hyundai owners have needed Blue Link emergency services
  • 3.2 million Monthly Vehicle Reports have been emailed
  • Remote services have been used 2.9+ million times (remote lock/unlock/start)

The graphic (from Hyundai) is also telling and full of information. Clearly, this is a useful valued-added program from Hyundai that will continually be refined.



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