Dash 40 miles a day for 2 cents in an UEV


A new, affordable zero-emissions car that’s 100% electric – and affordable – think $10k-$13k – and meets all of the feds safety requirements for a low-speed vehicle makes its debut on the blue carpet of “The Smurfs 2” movie this Sunday in Los Angeles.



The Innova Dash is what’s called a new urban electric vehicle (UEV) or a variation on European microcar technology. A day’s worth of dashing up to 35 mph in its 40-mile range costs but 2 cents. Innova notes that the average US drive is fewer than 30 miles per day.

Appropriately called the Dash – because you can dash short distances in it – can run 40 miles on a standard battery or up to 90 miles on a Lithium Lion charge. Dash can be charged on a standard outlet – read, NOT the standard dryer 220 volt outlet others offer.

The Dash’s “dash” is customizable and about the size of a standard tablet with a touchscreen infotainment system.

Designed in Italy, Dash will be assembled and marketed in the US. The MSRP is said to start at $10,000 and end at $12,500 if you check off all the available options.

If you dash out for a round on the links – it converts into a more stylish looking golf cart.

Dash will also be seen in this Sunday’s episode of “West Coast Customs” on Fox Sports.

A pre-order availability is set to take place on August 15. Dash’s formal delivery and launch will take place later this year.

  • TRUNK SPACE: 7.5 cubic feet
  • LENGTH: 92 inches
  • WIDTH: 50 inches
  • WEIGHT: 1,080 lbs with batteries
  • GVW: 1750 lbs
  • MOTOR: 4.1 KW electric motor
  • BATTERY PACK: Lead gel 45 mile range, Lithium Ion 65 mile range
  • ESTIMATED BATTERY LIFE: Lead gel 12,500 miles, Lithium Ion 75,000 miles
  • ELECTRIC SYSTEM: 220 volt
  • DRIVING MODES: Economy and Sport
  • BODY: Through-color recyclable ABS
  • RE-CHARGE: Plug into standard household 240 volt outlet
  • ON BOARD EQUIPMENT: Touch screen LCD Infotainment, GPRS connectivity
  • STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Windshield and roof for fully enclosed vehicle, windshield wipers, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, reflex reflectors, parking brakes, rear view mirrors, seatbelts

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