Volvo’s 2014 model pricing announced

2014 Volvo S 60

2014 Volvo S 60

New U.S. Volvo lineup features design enhancements, adaptive digital TFT display, new safety features, including cyclist detection


In Volvo’s own words, there are many model renewals for the 2014 year … that’s code for exterior freshenings, changing the styling on the outside and tweaking a few things on the inside. Adaptive digital TFT display as well as pedestrian/cyclist detection systems – another hook for Volvo’s vaunted safety connections are worthwhile additions.

Volvo offers but three engines in a move to simplify things, unless you’re angling for the more powerful R-Design and you get 325 hp under the hood.

Truthfully, the most erstwhile news Volvo has going for it right now is the assault on the 3,000,000-mile mark of Irv Gordon in his 1966 P1800 within the next few weeks.

The bones of the Volvo press release follow below:


2014 models arrive with new designs, upgraded features and new support systems. Volvo’s engine roster includes:

  • the 250 horsepower T5
  • 3.2-liter, 240 hp, naturally aspirated 6-cylinder
  • turbocharged T6 at 300 horsepower.
  • R-Design’s 3.0-liter, 325 hp, turbocharged 6-cylinder, owns 354 lb.-ft. of torque.

Bolder Design Features Across Lineup

The front of the S60 has been redesigned sporting all-new exterior panels from the A-pillars forward including a new hood, front fenders and fascia. A wider grille with a larger Ironmark is flanked by new headlights while a larger, wider lower front intake gains bright accents and horizontally mounted LED daytime running lights. New LED light guides on the taillights and new integrated exhaust pipes can be found.

The 2014 S60 lineup starts at $32,400 for the front-drive T5, while the T6 AWD lists for $39,250. AWD with Instant Traction is again available on the value-leading S60 T5 and can be added as a stand-alone option, with a price unchanged from 2013 at $2,000. A new sport package comprising sport seats, paddle shifters, 18-inch titania alloy wheels and dynamic chassis is standard on the T6 AWD and optional on the T5. The S60 T6 R-Design starts at $42,700.

For the XC60, changes begin on the outside, where the popular crossover sports a new hood, front fenders and fascia that emphasize a wider and more confident appearance. Redesigned headlights flank a bold new grille sporting a larger Volvo Ironmark. These significant exterior design changes emphasize the dynamic, capable nature of the XC60. With careful attention to detail, the designers have increased the XC60’s road presence. The popular XC60 crossover starts at $34,850 in 3.2 FWD and the T6 AWD starts at $39,250. The XC60 R-Design starts at $45,800.

Volvo brings the XC70 into sharper focus with redesigned front and rear styling, including a new grille with a bolder, wider proportion, a larger Iron mark and LED daytime running lights, updated front and rear matte silver décor trim, rear skid plate décor and new taillight design. This bolder XC70 starts out at $34,500 in 3.2 FWD and $40,950 in T6 AWD. Among the more interesting safety features on the XC70 are the dual, fully integrated booster seats in the rear seating area. They are height adjustable, so they adapt as a child grows. What’s more, they look like normal seats.

Changes to the S80 begin on the outside, with a new front fascia incorporating a new grille design with larger Volvo Ironmark and grille pattern. Below the new bumper, a redesigned lower front intake stretches the visual width of the car to create a bolder, wider horizontal stance. New LED daytime running lights are positioned at the outer edges of the intake while the headlights also receive a new look. Following up at the rear is a redesigned bumper and new taillight design sporting LED graphics. S80 starts at $39,900 in 3.2 FWD and $43,950 in T6 AWD. Dressed in optional Inscription package, featuring Sovereign Hide soft leather, ventilated front seats and branded interior touches, the T6 AWD with Inscription represents Volvo’s most luxurious offering.

With standard seating for seven, versatile cargo solutions, extensive safety features and a choice of front and optional all-wheel drive with Instant Traction, the XC90 remains an outstanding value. All XC90s are equipped with Roll Stability Control (RSC); Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC); Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) with side airbags and Inflatable Curtains for all three rows. XC90 starts at $39,700 in 3.2 FWD.

New Instrument Cluster Offers Driver Choice

Select models get a new Adaptive Digital TFT Display instrument cluster that allows drivers to choose between three themes with different configurations and functionality:

  • Elegance has a traditional appearance with a large, circular speedometer bordered by secondary displays.
  • Eco features green background illumination with an Eco meter displayed on the left.
  • Performance has red background illumination for a more dynamic look. A tachometer replaces the speedometer while vehicle speed is shown digitally. The right display includes a power meter gauge that informs the driver how much power is available and how much is being used at any given moment.

In the R-Design versions, the Elegance theme boasts unique blue instrument dials.

Paddle Shifters, Quicker acceleration with Advanced Quick Shift

New paddle shifters will be offered – standard on most T6 AWD and R-Design models and available on T5 – letting the driver shift manually with both hands on the steering wheel. Coupled with Advanced Quick Shift (AQS), transmission optimization software that improves the speed of each gear change, acceleration also improves, increasing the vehicle’s performance potential.

AQS is now available on all T6 engines and activated when the transmission is set to sport mode or when using paddle shifters. Gear changes are faster for models equipped with AQS – as much as 50 percent between first and second, and as much as 30 percent on gear changes two through six.

This bolsters the sporty impression of the T6 and also produces fantastic acceleration results. Zero to 60 improves 0.2 seconds on the S60 T6 R-Design – from 5.5 to 5.3 on model year 2014 with AQS – while the XC60 T6 R-Design sprints 0.4 seconds faster – 6.6 to 6.2 seconds on model year 2014 with AQS – compared to model year 2013.

Trim Levels Offer Customer Flexibility, New Features Reflect Safety Leadership

As in the past, each trim level contains previously available optional equipment that has been grouped together based on historical customer preference for pairing of specific features. Three trim levels, Premier, Premier Plus and Platinum builds upon the previous. Each model remains available without the new trim levels. Customers retain the flexibility to select stand-alone option packages as well as single options.

Key safety features debut on the MY14 lineup, including Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with full auto brake and Cross Traffic Alert.* In certain circumstances, Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with full auto brake helps the driver avoid collisions with pedestrians or cyclists. It is part of the Technology Package, priced $600 less than last year at $1,500.

A new radar-based Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)* also debuts for MY14. It uses sophisticated upgrades to monitor and alert the driver to rapidly approaching vehicles behind the car, while still informing the driver about vehicles in the blind spots on both sides of the car. Cross Traffic Alert is a new feature for MY14 that uses the radar sensors at the rear end of the car to alert the driver to crossing traffic from the sides when reversing out of a parking space. This is especially helpful in tight and crowded areas where the side view may be restricted.

New Volvos get warranty coverage for 4 years/50,000 miles, as well as free, factory-scheduled maintenance at 10,000 miles, 20,000 miles and 30,000 miles.

* On S60 and XC60 only.




S60 T5


S60T5 Premier


S60T5 Premier Plus


S60T5 Platinum


S60 T6 AWD


S60 T6 Premier Plus


S60 T6 Platinum


S60 T6 R-Design AWD


S60 T6 RD Platinum



S80 3.2 FWD


S80 3.2 Premier Plus


S80 3.2 Platinum


S80 T6 AWD


S80 T6 Premier Plus


S80 T6 Platinum



XC70 3.2 FWD


XC70 3.2 Premier


XC70 3.2 Premier Plus


XC70 3.2 Platinum




XC70 T6 Premier Plus


XC70 T6 Platinum



XC60 3.2 FWD


XC60 3.2 Premier


XC60 3.2 Premier Plus


XC60 3.2 Platinum


XC60 T6


XC60 T6 Premier Plus


XC60 T6 Platinum


XC60 T6 R-Design AWD


XC60 T6 RD Premier Plus


XC60 T6 RD Platinum



XC90 3.2 FWD


XC90 3.2 Premier Plus


XC90 3.2 Platinum


XC90 3.2 R-Design FWD


XC90 3.2 RD Platinum



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