Caddy teases Escalade reveal with interior picture

2015 Escalade interior

2015 Escalade interior


In what’s an on-going practice today, teaser photos leading up to a new model’s reveal are released to “heighten suspense” for the “big reveal event.”

With less than a week before the Oct. 7 showing of the 2015 Cadillac Escalade, GM released this picture of the luxury SUV’s interior to underscore how seriously they take the marriage of luxury and quality in this luxobarge with an all-new interior. In fact, the Escalade is all-new so expect this oft-used term in anything used with this vehicle.

The release claims that the pic shows Caddy’s cut-and-sew interior craftsmanship technique, enabling precisely elegant surfacing of the instrument panel and door areas.

Advanced technical features and controls are designed to add a boldly modern element to the design, as well as offering the latest features in luxury, connectivity and safety for up to eight occupants.

We shall see, in just a few more days.


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