Lincoln Continental that took JFK to final flight up for auction Oct. 24

1963 Lincoln Continental

1963 Lincoln Continental


On the 50th anniversary of president John Kennedy’s death, a Lincoln Continental that transport the first family to their final flight from Fort Worth to Dallas, will be featured during a live auction event from RR Auction, on Oct. 24 in Boston, Mass. (The Lincoln from JFK’s fatal ride is housed at the Henry Ford Museum.

This key piece of history is a white 1963 Lincoln Continental that was loaned out by Bill Golightly, of Golightly Auto Sales in Fort Worth, for use by the president while he was in town.

1963 Lincoln Continental
1963 Lincoln Continental

The automobile has been painstakingly restored by Lincoln specialist Baker Restoration of Putnam, Conn. The engine has been replaced, the body needed work as did the paint. The interior fared better with most of it still in original condition, including the red leather seats.

1963 Lincoln Continental

1963 Lincoln Continental

According to the auction house, after the car was returned to Golightly, it was sold to David Pelham of Dallas in 1964. Pelham in turn sold the car to L. H. Hough, owner of the Museum of American Tragedy, in 1967, “for $10.00 and other valuable consideration,” where it remained until the museum closed in 1998 after Hough’s death; it was then sold at public auction. The car is accompanied by a notarized letter from Golightly stating he owned the car and sold it to Pelham in 1964. Also included is the bill of sale from Pelham to Hough, dated July 20, 1967, as well as other ownership documentation, including a partial 1972 agreement for the Allstate Exhibit Company to display the car for 15 weeks.

A live auction sale is set to take place on October 24, 2013, in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information please visit the RR Auction web site ( 

1963 Lincoln Continental

1963 Lincoln Continental


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