Bentley won’t take good design sitting down


I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this from Bentley. They’ve put their name on skis before. They’ve ventured out into the large, luxury SUV world and now the home.

Copying er, inspired by the interior of their Bentley cars, the Home furniture collection boasts traditional and modern design in subtle ways that blend function with performance (do you sense a trend here?) that also understates quality.

The new Richmond pieces can be swathed in leather or a fine veneer of burr walnut. Simply put, whatever you could order on four wheels is likely available here. 

The color palette is composed of varying neutral tones of ivory and taupe matched with shades of beige and cream.

The new collection consists of:

Richmond chair

Richmond chair


Seating that includes sofas, chaise longues and armchairs. The enveloping external structure can have a veneer finish or leather cover.







Madeley & Kendal

Kendal Dining TableA large oval or round meeting table with refined Kendal leather chairs boast the Bentley logo, which can be embroidered on the back, on request. A trapezoidal structured table made of curved wood panels with edges in hand-made leather coating. Steel feet have a gun-metal finish.


Sherbourne & Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge Cabinet

Kingsbridge Cabinet

Tall and short leather-coated cabinets with veneered fronts; these are also available in smooth or quilted leather. Tone-on-tone interiors with external coatings and shelves of crystal represent the quality of Bentley and Club House Italia, part of the Luxury Living Group. The steel handles and feet have a gun-metal grey finish.



Harlow Coffee Tables

Harlow Coffee Tables

A modern coffee table with metal steel structure and a complimentary gun-metal grey inish.

The surface is made from onyx or leather coated.





Canterbury Bed

Canterbury Bed

The bed is set off by an imposing (read: oversized) headboard, embracing coated structure available in leather or fabric. The shapes are soft and inviting in a formal yet informal way.

An innovative duvet cover, Fibra di Legno®, is a high-quality fabric made from wood pulp that gives the yarn softness and smoothness, adding to the luxurious feel of this piece.


I’m sure that if you have to ask, you can not afford these.


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