XC Concept Coupe shows Volvo’s vision

Volvo XC Concept Coupe

Volvo XC Concept Coupe


Finally there’s some interesting news at Volvo.

The company released pictures and more on its XC Concept Coupe that will be built upon its SPA or Scalable Product Architecture.

For a company that used to have fenders that doubled as a T-Square and never had a curvaceous style until its dared to built the C70 retractable convertible it’s almost impossible to now find a flat spot anywhere on a Volvo. They’re as curvy as Sofia Vergara. OK, you get the idea.

With 21-inch wheels that bulge under extremely arched fender wells, this 2-door, four-seat Volvo Concept XC Coupé is similar to its cousin the Concept Coupe.

Whether it’s a Coupe or a SUV wannabe crossover is part of the appeal and notes will likely be taken at auto shows to gauge reactions. The SUV appeal is drawn from the side moldings and skid plates.

Volvo XC Concept Coupe

Volvo XC Concept Coupe

New T-shaped DRL lights accent a much different shape as does its “floating grille” and the rear light signature.

Volvo’s XC Cross Country spawned a different way to look at cars when it arrived back in 1997. It blended the utility of an SUV with true car ride and economy. That’s something that Subaru also found out with its famed Outback as it conquered former SUV owners who loved the style, but over time grew tired of the truck-based ride and economy.

Volvo expanded its XC range up to its SUVs and runs across the line with the Volvo V40 Cross Country, via the XC60 and XC70, to the XC90.

Volvo XC Concept Coupe

Volvo XC Concept Coupe


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