Navigator pic leaked on Twitter

Navigator grille

Navigator grille pic taken by Clifford Atiyeh on Twitter


The upcoming reveal of the new Lincoln Navigator, like several other vehicles recently, might have had its coming out party stolen by a pic posted on Twitter by friend and college Clifford Atiyeh.

Along with the leaked pic, and several others flying around, are the knee-jerk reactions to the alleged styling – I say alleged because we don’t “officially know” that this is truly the new Navigator grille, but I trust Cliff.

My take? It appears to have upped the garish and gaudy quotient exponentially that would normally be reserved for a concept vehicle for designers and engineers to observe auto show-goers check it out.

1998 Lincoln Navigator

1998 Lincoln Navigator

Navigator burst onto the scene in 1998, an upscale model of the Ford Expedition that bowed in 1997, and arguably created the luxury SUV segment and was widely popular and another cash cow for Ford.

Lincoln also created a mid-sized version, called Aviator that was less spectacular and didn’t last long.

Hang on for the next news cycle to see if the Twitterverse broke the Navigator’s reveal.


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