Hyundai’s “Dad’s Sixth Sense” Super Bowl ad beat mega brands


Third Highest Scoring Ad of all Time According to Ace Metrix


It’s well after the Super Bowl, but the advertising “touchdowns” are still trickling in.

Hyundai, in advance of the NY Auto Show, is rightly touting that its “Dad’s Sixth Sense” TV  was deemed the third highest ad according to Ace Metrix, a firm that measures that stuff. And, if placement counts at all for those keeping track, it was rated as the second most effective ad in the first quarter.

I mention placement only from the standpoint of my New England roots and to note that rankings mean little some times. Example A: Tom Brady not being taken in the NFL draft until the sixth round, but now considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

“Captivated consumers received an entertaining product demonstration during this artfully crafted story of parental protection,” said Toula Thomas, SVP & GM – Automotive at Ace Metrix. “Dad’s Sixth Sense” dramatizes the near-misses and breathtaking saves of everyday parenting. The action follows a young boy as he grows up, and Dad is there for him again and again. The commercial culminates with a final breathtaking save – only this time, it’s the all-new 2015 Hyundai’s Genesis that has the young man’s back.

Ace Metrix determines itsr top 10 list by measuring ad creative effectiveness based on viewers’ reactions to national TV ads. The ads are scored on the following qualities: persuasion, relevance, information, attention, change, desire and watchability.

Hyundai’s “Dad’s Sixth Sense” beat out brands such as Budweiser, Google, TGI Friday’s, Ore-Ida, and Procter & Gamble, respectively.

Quite simply it was a message that resonated with viewers for its straight forward, productive and protective message about the safety systems and how parents, in most cases, never stop looking out for the welfare of their children.

No gimmicks. No genies. No smoke and mirrors. Common sense.


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