Power Wheels Ford F-150 available for $349.99

Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150 - 13

Power Wheels 2015 F-150


Admit it: If you were still (a small-sized) kid…you’d want one of these.

Instead we had Little Red Wagons that were fun until you steered too hard in one direction, aka the Wrong Direction, and were unceremoniously tossed out sideways.

Pedal cars were fun, but once you grew, slapping your kneecaps atop the metal “dash” and the extra energy required for a) longish treks and b) hills diminished the “fun factor” quickly.

Today’s modern kid “has everything” and to that possible list of motoring offerings from Fisher Price comes the 2015 Ford F-150. Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150 - 33

  • Features a roomy truck bed, working tailgate and eye-catching “chrome” wheels and grill
  • Proven tough, Monster Traction™ drive system allows kids to drive on hard surfaces, wet grass and bumpy terrain
  • 12-volt battery combines dynamic raw power with efficiency – no biodiesel, flex fuel or pulling up to the pump required.
  • The kids can listen to tunes via a working FM radio and MP3 jack or sound effects
  • Check out the full Power Wheels F-150 lineup and place your pre-order now at www.powerwheels.com/f150

And get ready to ride off into the sunset.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150 - 12




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