Great new cars for those who aren’t ‘techies’

8 New Cars Recommended for those who Believe Less Technology is More

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — High-tech vehicles aren’t for everyone, and while low-tech configurations are becoming more obsolete on the new car market, car buying platform today revealed a list of eight new cars and trucks to meet the needs of shoppers who want minimal or no connectivity in their next new car.

“Car manufacturers are investing a lot of energy and resources into building more connected cars, and that’s raised some legitimate concerns about safety and privacy among consumers, even if there is little or no risk to them at this time,” says Senior Editor John O’Dell. “But even if those dangers never come to fruition, some people just do not want a vehicle packed with technology, and this list should be valuable to them as they shop for their next new car.”

Here are eight “unconnected” vehicles on today’s new car market, as identified by created the list by identifying new vehicles without such features as navigation systems, Bluetooth functions, exterior cameras, keyless ignitions or embedded cellular connectivity. These vehicles roll without systems like adaptive cruise control or accident avoidance that use potentially hackable networked electronics to control critical functions such as braking, steering and acceleration. Most vehicles on the list are base models and likely come with connected features on higher trim levels.



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