Feeling more ‘secure’ with a SP-4003 emergency 6-in-1 tool in the car

SP-4003_product_bBY GERRY MILES

Whether it’s ensuring one’s safety on the roads or staying connected on the go, motorists have a lot of devices they should carry in their vehicles.

Never mind a fire extinguisher, a flashlight, food supplies, blankets, and water, most likely center upon our mobile world’s power needs to power a tablet or smart phone and stay connected to wi-fi.

Meeting many of those needs is a slick 4.5-inch device from SeCur that’s a six-in-one portable on the go tool kit of sorts.

Wrapping a highoutput LED flashlight, with an emergency red flashing light, a seat belt cutter, a device that shatters glass for a quick escape within a power bank that can recharged your mobile world is the SeCur SP-4003.

SP-4003_cig_lighter_usbThe SP-4003 plugs into that age old device called a cigarette lighter or the more common 12-volt power outlet.


It can charge the powerbank while you use it to run a mobile device off the USB outlet. After you get to your destination, it can recharge a phone, tablet or whatever has a cord that needs power.




The LED flashlight is surprisingly bright and blinding to the human eye and supposed to last four hours when fully charged. A flashing red emergency light, with 10-hours worth of power, isn’t as bright as a roadside flare however its constant flashing LED light will catch someone’s attention.



Perhaps best of all, this lightweight 4.5-inch device easily slides into a coat pocket where it can be used to help you walk the dog at night, or venturing outside to grill late at night, ensure the hose was shut off or if the shingles stayed upon the house or not.

The plastic case is shock resistant. Four green lights indicate how much power the SP-4003 has left.


If you want to lighten the load of carrying a portable battery, a separate phone charging block, flashlight, emergency beacon, seatbelt cutter and glass breaker, this six-in-one deserves to be in your car at all times stowed in the console, glove box or side door pouch for just when you need it.



secur_logo_for_pkgSecur (www.securproducts.com) has a raft of other, compact safety-minded items at its website that allows you to watch them fuction via a small video or order them from their secure website.



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