Chicks and hot cars go together; Ruby Davis devised website for women and buying cars

  SupercarFocus.com144_zpsisqkc91eThe Female Power Behind the Wheel of the World’s Rarest Porsche 


Yes, hot cars and hot women have long been featured next to each other.

And even writing the above words makes me weary that someone will accuse me of not being “PC” and a sexist and more as the crazy world spins out of control.

However the following story came to be about Ruby Davis and accompanied by these fetching pictures of  this most attractive woman CEO and the car.

Ms. Davis, the CEO of ChickDriven has a penchant for luxury sports cars and showcasing them to the world. Davis recently had the pleasure of sliding behind the wheel of a 1994 Porsche 964 Turbo S Package Car, one of the world’s rarest Porsches…being one of but 17 ever produced.

With women fearing the car-buying experience and yet having a strong influence on what car is to be bought, Davis founded, and self-funded dubbed America’s #1 car website for women.

To create engaging content that can be appreciated by both women and men, Davis often test drives some of the world’s most luxurious and sporty cars — like Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces — and offers women insight to make them feel confident in the car world.

“I focus on producing a lot of video content that is fun and incorporates fashion and cars, which both men and women can enjoy. I take the jargon out of car buying and make it light-hearted and fun, something refreshing that the car industry needs. Cars are treated as such serious objects but to me, they’re accessories — you get to choose the color, trim and everything else, so why not have fun with it,” says Davis.

As America’s #1 car website for women, is dedicated to helping women navigate the often confusing and overwhelming experience of car buying. ChickDriven is leading the way with honest, informative car reviews, advice about auto financing and insurance, and other helpful tools to choose the right car. CEO Ruby Davis CEO Ruby Davis

After her own intimidating experiences by pushy car salesmen, Davis committed to creating a helpful resource with a trustworthy voice that would empower women navigating the car market.  Self-funding the business, is dedicated to helping women searching for their next vehicle to navigate efficiently the tricky and often intimidating car-buying process. offers content, reviews and partnership opportunities; the site is also an effective way for automotive manufacturers to capture the attention of the all-important female market. ChickDriven’s advertising solutions include customized content creation to ensure that marketers’ messages are relevant and resonant with its audience.



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