Hyundai wants to see your profile #becausefootball

Hyundai is harnessing fan passion for those rivalries with its new digital and social promotion called Put Your Profile On The Line. Through the platform, fans have an exciting opportunity to challenge one another on the outcome of their favorite games, with the stakes being their Facebook profile picture.

Hyundai is harnessing fan passion for those rivalries with its new digital and social promotion called Put Your Profile On The Line. Through the platform, fans have an exciting opportunity to challenge one another on the outcome of their favorite games, with the stakes being their Facebook profile picture.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. – The NFL features some of the best rivalries in all of sports. Hyundai is harnessing fan passion for those rivalries with its new digital and social promotion called Put Your Profile On The Line. Through the platform, fans have an exciting opportunity to challenge one another on the outcome of their favorite games, with the stakes being their Facebook profile picture.

Fans select their favorite team, then identify Facebook friends that they’d like to challenge that week. Once this is chosen and the challenge has been accepted, friends put their Facebook profile picture “on the line.” Based on the outcome of the game, both fans will receive a link to the losing fan’s Facebook profile picture with an overlay featuring the logo of the winning team. Both fans will be encouraged to share the picture to their Facebook profiles. Every time fans compete in a challenge, they will automatically enter a sweepstakes for the chance to win tickets to Super Bowl LI.

Hyundai is harnessing fan passion for those rivalries with its new digital and social promotion called Put Your Profile On The Line. Through the platform, fans have an exciting opportunity to challenge one another on the outcome of their favorite games, with the stakes being their Facebook profile picture.

As the season progresses, so do the stakes — from opposing team overlays to entertaining GIFs and other challenges. On the Hyundai site, fans can keep tabs on different friends’ challenges, see how many Super Bowl entries they’ve earned and view past outcomes. The Super Bowl tickets grand prize will be awarded following the conclusion of the regular season.

“At Hyundai, we understand the NFL fans’ loyalty to their team and with the Put Your Profile On The Line challenge we’re tapping into that fan passion by providing fun ways for them to express it,” said Paul Imhoff, director, Marketing Communications, Hyundai Motor America. “Friendly competition between rivals is an important part of NFL culture and this platform allows fans to showcase their passion and have a possibility to win tickets to Super Bowl LI.”

The campaign was developed by Hyundai’s advertising agency of record, INNOCEAN USA. “For an NFL fan, there’s nothing worse than having to rep your rival,” said Barney Goldberg, VP, group creative director, INNOCEAN. “But even if that happens, we don’t ever judge.”

#BecauseFootball Twitter Sweepstakes
In addition to the Profile program, Hyundai also launched a Twitter sweepstakes. Every Sunday, Hyundai will reward fans for their loyalty and commitment to watching and paying attention to the game. When the announcer mentions the word “Drive,” fans will be encouraged to tweet #BecauseFootball and #HyundaiSweepstakes. Every fan who tweets the aforementioned hashtags will be entered for a chance to win tickets to Super Bowl LI.

Chicks and hot cars go together; Ruby Davis devised website for women and buying cars

  SupercarFocus.com144_zpsisqkc91eThe Female Power Behind the Wheel of the World’s Rarest Porsche 


Yes, hot cars and hot women have long been featured next to each other.

And even writing the above words makes me weary that someone will accuse me of not being “PC” and a sexist and more as the crazy world spins out of control.

However the following story came to be about Ruby Davis and accompanied by these fetching pictures of  this most attractive woman CEO and the car.

Ms. Davis, the CEO of ChickDriven has a penchant for luxury sports cars and showcasing them to the world. Davis recently had the pleasure of sliding behind the wheel of a 1994 Porsche 964 Turbo S Package Car, one of the world’s rarest Porsches…being one of but 17 ever produced.

With women fearing the car-buying experience and yet having a strong influence on what car is to be bought, Davis founded, and self-funded dubbed America’s #1 car website for women.

To create engaging content that can be appreciated by both women and men, Davis often test drives some of the world’s most luxurious and sporty cars — like Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces — and offers women insight to make them feel confident in the car world.

“I focus on producing a lot of video content that is fun and incorporates fashion and cars, which both men and women can enjoy. I take the jargon out of car buying and make it light-hearted and fun, something refreshing that the car industry needs. Cars are treated as such serious objects but to me, they’re accessories — you get to choose the color, trim and everything else, so why not have fun with it,” says Davis.

As America’s #1 car website for women, is dedicated to helping women navigate the often confusing and overwhelming experience of car buying. ChickDriven is leading the way with honest, informative car reviews, advice about auto financing and insurance, and other helpful tools to choose the right car. CEO Ruby Davis CEO Ruby Davis

After her own intimidating experiences by pushy car salesmen, Davis committed to creating a helpful resource with a trustworthy voice that would empower women navigating the car market.  Self-funding the business, is dedicated to helping women searching for their next vehicle to navigate efficiently the tricky and often intimidating car-buying process. offers content, reviews and partnership opportunities; the site is also an effective way for automotive manufacturers to capture the attention of the all-important female market. ChickDriven’s advertising solutions include customized content creation to ensure that marketers’ messages are relevant and resonant with its audience.


FordPass aims to ease customers’ mobility, daily needs

Mark Fields introduces FordPass at the Detroit Auto Show

Ford CEO Mark Fields introduces FordPass at the Detroit Auto Show

Ford makes customer experience as strong as its vehicles with FordPass

  • FordPass®, part of Ford’s transformation into an auto and mobility company, aims to do for car owners what iTunes did for music fans
  • Launching in April, FordPass reimagines the relationship between automaker and consumer; membership is free whether you own a Ford vehicle or not by registering online
  • Benefits include a Marketplace offering mobility services; FordGuides, who are always there to help you move; Appreciation, for membership loyalty; and FordHubs, where you can go to experience the company’s latest innovations
  • Ford partnering with ParkWhiz to help drivers find and pay for advance parking more easily, and with FlightCar to help consumers share and borrow; FordPay makes it easy to pay for mobility expenses
  • Ford also partnering with McDonald’s and 7-Eleven to reward FordPass members with merchandise and unique experiences
  • FordHubs to open in New York, London, Shanghai and San Francisco; first will open later this year at New York’s Westfield World Trade Center
DETROIT – As part of its transformation into an auto and mobility company, Ford is introducing FordPass® – a platform that reimagines the relationship between automaker and consumer. FordPass aims to do for car owners what iTunes did for music fans.

FordPass members can talk to personal mobility assistants – FordGuides – night or day to help resolve their mobility challenges, whether finding a more efficient way to get around or booking parking before reaching their destination. Members can reserve and pay for advance parking, virtually build their ideal vehicle at one of several FordHubs globally, and receive rewards for FordPass membership loyalty.

Finding Parking

Finding Parking

“Ford always has been motivated to make people’s lives better,” said Mark Fields, Ford president and CEO. “We did it when we put the world on wheels a century ago and we do it now through our strong lineup of cars, SUVs, trucks and electrified vehicles. Today, we take our commitment one step further with the introduction of FordPass – an all-new platform that may be our most revolutionary yet.”

A FordPass membership is free for Ford vehicle owners and non-owners alike. The platform officially launches in April.

FordPass is part of Ford Smart Mobility, the plan to take the company to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, and data and analytics.

“As we’ve studied the mobility challenges people face, we designed FordPass to help provide services that make consumers’ lives easier,” said Fields. “FordPass is really about listening to people’s needs and developing ways to help them move better.”

FordPass features four elements to benefit members: Marketplace includes mobility services; FordGuides help consumers move more efficiently; Appreciation, where members are recognized for their loyalty; and FordHubs, where consumers can experience Ford’s latest innovations.

All members will have access to mobility services through FordPass Marketplace.

Ford is working with ParkWhiz and Parkopedia to help people find and pay for parking more easily, and with FlightCar to borrow and share vehicles when they travel. In the future, services will include ride sharing, car sharing, multimodal transportation and more.

Members can pay for these services through FordPay – a virtual wallet.

“FordPass is about convenience,” said Stephen Odell, Ford executive vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service. “We’re connecting consumers with the world, making it all incredibly easy.”

Ford owners can easily connect with their preferred dealer to schedule maintenance and service appointments or to review their Ford Credit vehicle finance account details.

Members who own Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC® Connect can use FordPass to access vehicle features such as remote start; lock and unlock; fuel, oil and battery charge levels; tire pressure readings; and to locate their vehicle.

No one wants to be just a number. That’s why FordPass members can speak directly to trusted and knowledgeable FordGuides – all at the touch of a button.

For example, if a member decides he would like to book advance parking for an upcoming show but is unsure how to reserve it, one push of a button on his smartphone lands him in a live chat with a FordGuide who will lead him through the options and help to reserve parking.

The guides will be available free of charge. Their only job is to guide, serve and help solve mobility challenges – not to sell.

FordPass Appreciation is about making mobility more rewarding – no matter the journey.

Members will be rewarded for doing simple things, such as registering to become a member, booking parking, or interacting with FordGuides.

And by collaborating with affinity partners McDonald’s, 7-Eleven and others, FordPass can recognize members with access to merchandise and unique experiences.

“We’re engaging with our customers – and our potential customers – aiming to make every interaction with the Ford brand a positive experience,” said Elena Ford, Ford vice president, Global Dealer and Consumer Experience. “We want consumers to know how much we appreciate them, and with FordPass, we’re taking loyalty a step further.”

FordPass also includes the opening of FordHubs, where consumers will be able to explore the company’s latest innovations, learn about its mobility services and experience exclusive events.

The first of these urban storefronts opens later this year at Westfield World Trade Center in New York, followed by FordHubs in San Francisco, London and Shanghai.

On-site FordGuides will help guests understand mobility options available in their cities, explore solutions for their mobility needs, view a real-time mobility map of their city, and experience special events, including new vehicle reveals.

“These aren’t places where we’re trying to sell something,” said Odell. “We want to hear people’s thoughts, and we want to show them what we’re doing to solve the transportation issues of today and tomorrow – and not just in their city, but around the world.”

FordPass launches this spring in the United States and Canada, followed by other markets including Europe, China and Brazil later this year. FordPass capability is activated through smartphones. Consumers can sign up for more information and updates at Updates Mobile Car Shopping App with messaging

Newest App Release Gives Consumers Unprecedented Access to Dealers via Text Message

282a0a28-05ca-490e-a7a3-f77ea0385027.HRSANTA MONICA, Calif. – Car-buying platform today released an update to its acclaimed mobile app with a new feature that now makes it possible for shoppers to send text messages to car dealers with just a touch of a button. The innovation is the latest step in the growing trend of consumers drawn to “place messaging,” which offers a convenient way to interact with businesses via text in the same way that they do with friends and family.

Unlike other place messaging solutions that only work in concert with apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp, Edmunds’ texting solution uses the phone’s native texting platform. That means all smartphones are capable of messaging dealers without relying on any other apps.

“More and more shoppers are turning to text messaging for their customer service needs, but until now there wasn’t a reliable way to text directly with car dealerships,” said President Seth Berkowitz. “’s app seamlessly integrates text messaging to thousands of dealers nationwide, so now consumers can text a sales or service inquiry and receive a timely, customized response from a dealership representative.”

The new feature is a direct response to the 34 percent of car shoppers who told Edmunds that they would prefer text messaging with dealers instead of communicating by phone or e-mail. Users can also receive instant video and picture messages from dealerships for vehicles on the dealer’s lot.. And while other place messaging apps rely on third parties to answer questions or set appointments, Edmunds’ app connects users with a live person at the dealership. In addition, users can opt out of a conversation at any time simply by typing “STOP.”

f5d6bb5a-4ab5-4622-a838-bcb361d99602.HRText messaging is just the latest of many useful car shopping features offered by the Edmunds app. The app allows shoppers to browse and identify inventory in their area, to get upfront price guarantees on cars in stock through Edmunds Price Promise, and to crunch numbers on an easy-to-use monthly payment calculator. The app also allows users to text directly with Edmunds Live Help, a free service that provides users with real-time access to Edmunds’ roster of car buying experts who can answer any questions about the car shopping process, such as whether they’re getting a good deal or what sort of options are available on specific models. Shoppers can also connect with Live Help by calling 1-855-782-4711 or by texting ED411.

Smartphone users can download Edmunds’ free car shopping app at

Ford won’t be first with driverless car: Mark Fields

While there’s a bevy of technology in all shapes and forms always on display at the CES or Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ford CEO Mark Fields spoke with Bloomberg TV’s Brad Stone where he said the first driverless car on the road will not be a Ford.

He said, “Our view is within five years somewhere within the industry somebody is going to be introducing a vehicle. In our case at Ford we have semi-autonomous vehicles on the road today that people can buy, features that will help people keep in their lanes, allow to adjust their speed based on traffic flow, those types of things. And we at Ford eventually will have a fully autonomous vehicle, but our approach when we introduce it goes back to our history. We want to make sure it’s accessible and affordable for the masses because we’re Ford.

Field’s interview with Stone can be viewed by clicking on this link

A full transcript of the Bloomberg TV interview can be found below.




STONE: Pretty good. So you said yesterday, you told my colleague, Keith Naughton, that you think we will have a fully-automated driverless car in five years. That kind of took my breath away. Is the state of technology that advanced?

FIELDS: I think when you look at the level of advancement in sensors, and cameras, and software and the algorithms behind it, it’s moving very, very fast. So our view is within five years somewhere within the industry somebody is going to be introducing a vehicle. In our case at Ford we have semi-autonomous vehicles on the road today that people can buy, features that will help people keep in their lanes, allow to adjust their speed based on traffic flow, those type of things. And we at Ford eventually will have a fully autonomous vehicle, but our approach when we introduce it goes back to our history. We want to make sure it’s accessible and affordable for the masses because we’re Ford.

STONE: So when does Ford get there? And let me ask you, because I’ve sat in a Google driverless car, is Google a partner?

FIELDS: Well I think from that we see a lot of different players now making some inroads into that. And I think that’s overall the level of innovation I think is very exciting for the industry. So as we look at it, and we’re always looking for great partners, we’re going to decide the things that we want to do ourselves, develop ourselves, things that we want to buy, things that we want to partner with others, but I think it will be very collaborative. And our approach is to make sure we have fully autonomous test vehicles on the road today. And some of them have been on the road since 2013. We haven’t announced a time frame when it’s going to be introduced, but it’s all going to come back to make sure it’s accessible and affordable for the masses, versus some of our luxury competitors.

STONE: Well one of your competitors, Mercedes, is here at the show showing a concept car with four seats that swivel inward. So none of them are facing the road. There’s no driver. There’s no driver’s wheel, no steering wheel. Do you get in that car?

FIELDS: Well I haven’t seen the Mercedes concept. I’ll get into any Ford vehicle of course, but as I said, we have research vehicles on the road today gathering data, understanding the situation and making sure all with that aim to making sure they’ll eventually be affordable for the masses.

STONE: So let’s talk about the in-vehicle computer systems. They are not perfect today. Any new car owner can tell you that there are flaws, there are bugs. They’re too difficult to use. How are we to trust the carmakers to deliver a reliable, 100 hundred reliable automated experience when playing Pandora and getting your phone to work on your in-vehicle system is not as simple as it should be?

FIELDS: Well our approach at Ford is pretty simple. We want to make sure we’re listening to our customers. And when we come out with our systems like our SYNC system we want to make it very intuitive and we want to improve it over time. For our SYNC system right now we have — it’s our vehicle connectivity system. We have ten million folks around the world that have purchased that system. And the system keeps getting better and better. We’re actually here at CES introducing SYNC 3.

STONE: And tell us a little bit about the SYNC 3. What does it bring?

FIELDS: Well it takes all the learnings that we’ve — and input that we’ve gotten from customers over the last eight years. So it’s more intuitive, easier to use. It’s also faster. It has more conversational voice commands, so enhanced voice commands. It allows you to update. If we need to update the software we’ll be able to do it over Wi-Fi. And overall just at the same time we’re also going to be offering Siri’s eyes-free in the vehicle as well. So it’s really taking the foundation and the leadership that we had with SYNC and now taking it to the next level with SYNC 3.

STONE: Do you see the smartphone as the center of the in-vehicle computer experience, or an in-vehicle computer that has its own connection to the internet?

FIELDS: Well I think it will be a piece of it. With the SYNC system we took the approach of a brought-in device that the customer can stay connected. As you think about going forward we’re in the process of introducing embedded modems into our vehicle because that allows the vehicle to be part of the Internet of Things. And as we go forward and as customers decide to opt in to share their data with us we want to make sure that for that we’re providing them first safety and security of their data, and secondly giving them something back that they find a lot of value for. So it’s going to be a combination of both.

STONE: So, Mark, let’s talk about 2014. All the automakers had a great December. The price of gas is very low right now. People are excited about new cars, but overall you were a little soft and you missed expectations for 2014. What happened?

FIELDS: Well as we started 2014 we said very clearly that 2014 was an important transition year for us. We said our revenue was going to be about equal to the previous year. And that’s because we’re launching 23 global launches. And we launched all of them, and many of them in the third and fourth quarter. So that sets us up very well for 2015. And when you look at some of those new products we’ve introduced, our Mustang, our Transit, our new Lincolns, they’re doing extremely well in the marketplace. And I think that bodes well for all the new products that we’ve launched in the last couple of quarters.

STONE: And one of those new products is the new Ford F-150, an all-aluminum vehicle. What does that mean exactly to move from steel to aluminum? And is that — do you see that as an industry trend?

FIELDS: Well we’re always looking at things from a customer standpoint. And obviously we spend a lot of time with our truck customers. We’re the leader in that area for 38 years. And what they told us is they continually want better capability of the truck, better payload, better towing, et cetera. And they want really good fuel economy. So we were able to take 700 pounds out of the vehicle. We put it on a diet by putting it on aluminum. And we’ve been able now to deliver industry-leading levels of capability and great fuel economy.

STONE: Last question, Mark. You recently said that you’re going to increase your dividend to shareholders by 20 percent. And yet profitability is challenged. It’s a time of enormous change. Why not reinvest that money, that capital in the business and in these technologies?

FIELDS: Well our capital strategy, as we’ve said before, is pretty simple. We want to keep reinvesting in the business. We want to keep and strengthening our balance sheet. And we want to reward shareholders. At the same time we want to make sure over time that that dividend is sustainable versus the economic and the business cycles. We haven’t announced anything about increasing dividends. We did it last year in January at this time. And that’s really our capital strategy.

STONE: Thank you, Mark.

FIELDS: All right. Thanks, Brad.


Honda partners with ESPN College Football as musical pulse of college football coverage

Honda becomes “Official Music Sponsor of ESPN College FootballBY GERRY MILES

Years ago, Honda was seeking to attract young buyers when it rolled out its box on wheels, sometimes called a toaster, known as the Honda Element. It had wash and wear interiors that could take the punishment from frat boys on a night out or surfers at the beach with wet clothes, sand and their boards.

Trouble was, freshly minted college grads aspired to something more hip than a square on wheels (we’d already had the Scion xB and xD if you wanted boxy) and the price: With a reported average price of $30,000 Element’s buyers were the folks who wanted room and could afford said box: the target group’s parents.

Now comes Honda in partnership with ESPN looking to get young buyers via college football similar to what Hyundai recently announced complete with social media integration called “Helmet Stickers” on ESPN2 college football final.

During college football segments in SportsCenter and Honda’s groundbreaking, 360-degree music platform, Honda Stage (, now becomes the new musical soundtrack to ESPN’s college football programming for the 2014 season. The designation as “Official Music Sponsor of ESPN College Football” and presenting sponsor of the ESPN2 College Football Final “Helmet Stickers”.

“ESPN college football is among the most-watched live television programs and represents a great opportunity to leverage our investment in music and sports to connect the Honda brand with an engaged audience of young and active viewers while showcasing the latest Honda vehicle offerings, including the all-new 2015 Honda Fit,” said Tom Peyton, assistant vice president of marketing, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “ESPN pioneered the integration of music into sports programming and the addition of exclusive Honda Stage performance music to its college football line-up allows Honda the opportunity to connect with an expanded audience and introduce them to new music through our online platform.”

Honda is now featured throughout the 2014 ESPN College Football telecasts. The full integration includes:On-set Honda and Honda Stage branding as well as custom content on the 8am ET segment of SportsCenter
Unique musical montages featuring Honda Stage artists during halftime of ABC’s Saturday afternoon gamesPresenting sponsor of ESPN College Football Scoreboard, with a full Honda Stage music performance integrated into the highlights of earlier games

Honda, presenting sponsor of the ESPN2 College Football Final ‰Presenting sponsor of ESPN2’s College Football Final  “Helmet Stickers” segment honoring the best plays and players of the day
The integration with the “Helmet Stickers” segment includes a social engagement element with fans encouraged via a live on-air callout and weekly social promotion to tweet the play that got them most fired up and deserving of a helmet sticker. Fans can tweet at select ESPN social handles (@ESPNCFB & @CollegeGameDay) to recognize players that they find to be most deserving of the ESPN and Honda co-branded helmet sticker award.

Honda Stage is a unique 360-degree, multi-platform music program designed for fans  searching for and consuming music. This new music platform brings together an unprecedented group of entertainment and technology leaders, including Clear Channel, to produce and distribute some of the best original, high-quality, music content available under the new Honda Stage name, through dozens of live events at the iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles and exclusive online content.

Hyundai uses integrated marketing with college football fans at 17 schools



A company that makes wonderful vehicles, albeit sans tailgate, is going to provide to connect to college football fans while it does just that: party around the tailgate of various vehicles. With a spotlight on food this year, Hyundai is hoping to boost the appetite for customers to sample their brand.

Hyundai’s returned for its fourth year and is connecting its owners, the most loyal in the entire automotive industry five years running according to Brand Keys, with the passion and traditions of college football. The multi-faceted campaign will be supported by national and regional advertising, social media engagement and game day experiences.

“Participating in college football and interacting with the incredibly dedicated fans continues to be a great way for us to share our pursuit of outstanding customer loyalty,” said Steve Shannon, vice president, Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “This year we are putting a big spotlight on the food at these games. After seeing some elaborate tailgates over the past three years, we’ve partnered with the online food network Tastemade to capture and highlight the many different local cuisines fans enjoy before their big game.”

Hyundai’s college football program will feature TV, print, radio and online ads that celebrate the culture of football fans. In the new national spot, “Hands” Hyundai recognizes the many signs fans use to identify themselves like the Florida “Gator Chomp”, USC’s “V-for victory”, Texas’ “Hook’em Horns” along with others, and connects it to the one sign everyone wants to use, No. 1.

Regionally, Hyundai developed 17 new ads with each of its partner schools where a Hyundai dealer is able to seal the deal by leveraging a sought after collector’s item.
#ThisIsLoyalty, the online extension of the campaign, is an invitation for college football fans to share pictures, posts, and tweets that exemplify their individual expressions of loyalty. Fans can also experience more of Hyundai’s celebration of college football tradition by visiting the program’s microsite where they can order a school branded window cling.

HyundaiFieldHouse2On Game Days
Hyundai is partnering with 17 of college football’s most prestigious programs, including 4 of the top 5 in the Associated Press pre-season poll, to bring 114 game day events, activated by agency Advantage International, to stadiums across the country. At 17 featured games, including the Iron Bowl (Auburn vs. Alabama), Oregon vs. Stanford, Penn State vs. Ohio State, USC vs. Arizona State and other top matchups, Hyundai will have a larger presence with The Hyundai Fieldhouse. The Hyundai Fieldhouse is 2,400 square feet of pre-gaming heaven with TVs, lounge seating and surprise university celebrities who will be signing autographs and mingling with fans.
The Hyundai Fieldhouse will also give fans the opportunity to check out the latest vehicles in Hyundai’s lineup and play fun tailgating games to win co-branded school gear. Hyundai will also showcase an “Ultimate Tailgate Vehicle,” a Santa Fe modified for any and all pre- and post-game celebrations along with the all-new 2015 Hyundai Sonata and at the California home games, the 2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle. By participating in Hyundai’s on-site experience, one lucky fan will have a chance to win a 2015 Sonata.

Tastemade “Grill Iron”
New for this year, Hyundai is partnering with the highly-successful YouTube food network Tastemade. The network will visit some of the top tailgating schools in the country to learn about their rivalries and food culture and create a 13-episode “Grill Iron” series. As part of the programming, local chefs will be invited to cook a new, tailgate inspired dish at the Tastemade Kitchen in The Hyundai Fieldhouse during featured games in their area.
At the end of the regular season, four top chefs will have a cook off in Los Angeles with the season’s best chef selected by the viewing audience at Tastemade’s studio.

Partner Schools
The 17 partner schools include: Alabama, Arizona State, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, UCLA, USC and Wisconsin. From ‘The Swamp’ to ‘The Big House’ to the ‘Coliseum,’ fans from all across the country will experience the loyalty and passion that Hyundai breathes into its products. Hyundai’s support for college football began through a 15 school, multi-year agreement in 2011 with IMG College to manage media, sponsorship rights and develop local campus marketing programs. Building off the success of this partnership, Hyundai has expanded the platform to 17 schools that also include Learfield Sports and FOX Sports as additional partners.

Hyundai Sun Bowl
Hyundai will continue its title sponsorship of the Hyundai Sun Bowl; the second oldest college football bowl game in the nation and matches teams from the ACC and Pac-12 conferences. This year’s game will be broadcast on CBS, Saturday, Dec. 27, at 12 p.m. MT (2 p.m. ET).

Jean Jennings still going, part of Motor City Masters on truTV June 24



That didn’t take long, did it?

Less than about a week since Automobile and a few other mags folded unceremoniously when owner SourceLink had financial woes, editor and automotive bon vivant mad hatter Jean Jennings is back on her feet – I doubt she’s ever been knocked down completely for a full second – as a judge on the upcoming TV show Motor City Masters.

In keeping with tv’s apparent formula that shows must have blonde hosts named Brook or Brooke, the show is hosted by Brooke Burns, pitting 10 talented designers from different auto industry avenues against each other in a weekly contest to create new, fully-functional concept cars based around a theme.

In short, think “Hells Kitchen” for car designers and you’re on right track. Let’s hope there’s less belligerence and yelling that the foodie promos show. Yet, then again…

While there’s no tribal fire stick to be extinguished, maybe a number 2 pencil will be snapped when a designer is sent packing each week.

The industry expert judges include the aforementioned Jean Jennings and Harald Belker to be joined by celebrity judges including actress Melissa Joan Hart, actor Jesse Metcalfe, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, baseball great David Justice and former NASCAR driver Robby Gordon.

  • TV-14-L

For a first look on youtube click on this link.

Hyundai puts best foot forward with Sonata, 2014 World Cup FIFA promo

hyundai-because-futbol_heade#BecauseFutbol Parallels Hyundai Customer Loyalty and Futból Fan Passion

It may be the world’s largest sporting event to some, another kind of football comes to mind here in the United States, and it, too, has a large audience that’s prime for product promotion of all sorts.

Hyundai kicks off the 2014 FIFA World Cup with a complete 360˚ integrated marketing platform that celebrates fan passion. Two all-new in-game 30-second spots featuring the redesigned 2015 Sonata will join digital, social, CRM, and retail executions engaging and inspiring audiences. The spots will air on ESPN and Univision as part of Hyundai’s exclusive whistle-to-whistle automotive advertising sponsorship of the World Cup series broadcasts on the networks. 2014 marks Hyundai’s fourth consecutive year since 2002 as the official vehicle sponsor of the World Cup.

This year’s creative theme celebrating fan passion is a nod to what being a true fan really means. Hyundai’s ranking as No. 1 in customer loyalty for the fifth consecutive year, according to research consultancy, Brand Keys, served as the creative inspiration. The all-new spots highlight the emotional love of the game and aim to inspire fans with two simple words – “#BecauseFutbol.” Creative was developed by Hyundai’s agency of record, INNOCEAN USA.

Boom,” a 30-second spot, celebrates fan passion as a powerful force shedding light on the world-wide phenomenon of baby booms. The ad illustrates how a single win can literally create a generation – “#BecauseFutbol.”

Avoidance,” a 30-second spot, follows a man on his emotional journey home to watch a game he’s recorded. He goes to great lengths to avoid spoilers throughout the day, only to be foiled by an unexpected source. Viewers sympathize with the man – “#BecauseFutbol.”

“Hyundai chose to focus on the fans, and the passion Hyundai shares with them for the sport of Futból,” said Greg Braun, executive creative director, INNOCEAN USA. “The statement, ‘Because Futból’ was the perfect summation of the phenomenons that passion creates.”

During its Super Bowl commercial, Hyundai also focused on the driver and how the car and its safety systems kept everyone safe. That this set of ads is also customer-centric is no surprise. After all, aren’t most ads customer-centric, or should be, anyways?

#BecauseFutbol” extends beyond the big screen as Hyundai invites fans to share their passion for the game and connect with other fans around the globe digitally at


Audi’s ‘Doberhuahua’ Super Bowl A3 spot is uncompromised

Audi's Doberhuahua still shot

Audi’s Doberhuahua still shot


As a friend used to tell me, “son you don’t pay for half a hair cut do you? Heck, no. You get it done right or not at all.”

That’s a gross exaggeration of the concept but one that an Audi satirical Super Bowl TV spot will make for its all-new 2014 A3.

The 60-second commercial airs at the first in-game break after half-time. That means folks will see if if they’re just back from the fridge or bathroom breaks.

Audi of America released the full version, called “Doberhuahua” today on its YouTube channel.

“Unlike other entry-level luxury sedans, the Audi A3 family breaks the boundaries and raises the bar as to what is expected out of entry-level luxury vehicles. The Audi A3 doesn’t compromise on luxury, design or performance,” said Loren Angelo, Director of Marketing for Audi of America. “Through the use of this unlikely new character – the Doberhuahua – Audi illustrates how compromise can be frightening in a humorous, memorable way.”

Simple stated, “Doberhuahua” follows a young couple in their hunt for the perfect dog. When they can’t decide on a breed to choose – a cute and cuddly Chihuahua or a big and bold Doberman Pinscher – the pet store owner suggests they comprise and blend the two breeds. The result: A Doberhuahua that quickly takes over the city, wreaking havoc and leaving chaos in its wake. “Compromise scares us too,” says Audi at the end. The spot also features the hashtag #StayUncompromised.

Singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan, an animal rights advocate, is featured in a cameo appearance. McLachlan starred in a teaser for the brand’s game day spot last week.

The all-new Audi A3 lineup begins with the A3 sedan, which goes on sale in the spring of 2014 with a base MSRP of $29,900.