Black Beauty auction ends today for Green Hornet car



If it’s true that “the cars are the stars” you have a few hours left to own a true piece of Hollywood: the 1965 Chrysler Imperial, built by Dennis McCarthy of Vehicle Effects in California, is one of just two hero cars remaining from the production. Black customized Chrysler Imperial features its original 413 engine, shows 71,421 original miles on the odo and is the only one—built with its original headliner and black leather seats.

And it all gets the final gavel on Thursday, June 26 via Boston-based, RR Auction at:

hood-mounted machine guns

hood-mounted machine guns

Exterior modifications include: two hood-mounted Browning .30 cal machine guns (which when hooked up to a propane tank fired flames through the barrel to simulate gunfire), 12 Stinger missiles to the front and rear bumper, a flame-thrower mounted to the front grill, beanbag launchers and shotgun barrels to the front, a revolving rear license plate (which flips to “Hornet” by pushing a button on the keychain remote), and painted green headlights. Other modifications include ‘butterfly doors’ with simulated shotgun barrel stickers, 20″ wheels, the working light-up interior console labeled in Chinese, a hidden button in the trunk which automatically releases the locking mechanism, the instantly-recognizable Green Hornet emblem on the trunk, and an embossed Green Hornet trunk interior with an amazing Sony stereo system—not surprising since Sony made the film.


“Twenty-nine cars were made for the film’s production, most of which were either stripped-down stunt models or destroyed during filming,” says Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction. “Only two hero cars remain from the film, the other being the ‘pre-Kato-modified’ version of the Imperial.”


Jean Jennings still going, part of Motor City Masters on truTV June 24



That didn’t take long, did it?

Less than about a week since Automobile and a few other mags folded unceremoniously when owner SourceLink had financial woes, editor and automotive bon vivant mad hatter Jean Jennings is back on her feet – I doubt she’s ever been knocked down completely for a full second – as a judge on the upcoming TV show Motor City Masters.

In keeping with tv’s apparent formula that shows must have blonde hosts named Brook or Brooke, the show is hosted by Brooke Burns, pitting 10 talented designers from different auto industry avenues against each other in a weekly contest to create new, fully-functional concept cars based around a theme.

In short, think “Hells Kitchen” for car designers and you’re on right track. Let’s hope there’s less belligerence and yelling that the foodie promos show. Yet, then again…

While there’s no tribal fire stick to be extinguished, maybe a number 2 pencil will be snapped when a designer is sent packing each week.

The industry expert judges include the aforementioned Jean Jennings and Harald Belker to be joined by celebrity judges including actress Melissa Joan Hart, actor Jesse Metcalfe, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, baseball great David Justice and former NASCAR driver Robby Gordon.

  • TV-14-L

For a first look on youtube click on this link.

Tim Allen talks about his 200 hp VW Bug this week on GQ


Size doesn’t matter to Tim Allen—at least when it comes to cars. In this episode, the car buff shows off his Volkswagen Beetle with a 200-hp engine and his Studebaker Sleeper Cab that doubles as a campground for his four-year-old daughter. Plus, the funnyman gives us a tour of his other obsessive collections.

You can find the episode by clicking on this link to enjoy the bit.


VW returns for another bite as Shark Week sponsor

VW Beetle Shark Cage

VW Beetle Shark Cage

VW returns for second season with new version of the VW Beetle Shark Cage


With the recent feeding frenzy over Sharknado, the timing may have been perfect to spool attention to next month’s annual Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, beginning on Sunday Aug. 4 at 8 p.m.
It’s also the perfect time for VW of America (VWOA) – isn’t that an awkward appearing acronym – to tub thump its second straight sponsorship of Shark Week.
VW has created a new shark cage that resembles a 2013 Beetle convertible in an ultimate sign of true branding.
“Shark Week is a rarity in that it still captures millions of viewers in a week-long shared experience,” said Kevin Mayer, vice president marketing, Volkswagen of America, Inc. “Volkswagen is excited to add our unique touch to an event with such an impressive impact on pop culture.”
VW’s social media will include Shark Week Plus co-branded simultaneous viewing app, designed to attract audiences and enabling sharing across iPhone® and iPad® devices, and online.
Viewers can share photos, videos, and Shark Week news from their mobile devices to social media, including Discovery and Volkswagen Facebook and Twitter pages.
VW will use a custom hash tag to promote as well: #VWSharkWeek.

Chevy to sponsor Home Run Derby at All-Star game again


Chevrolet will be the title sponsor of the 2013 Chevrolet Home RAs the “Official Vehicle of Major League Baseball” since 2005, Chevy will now sponsor the 2013 Home Run Derby contest on July 15 at the home of the NY Mets: Citi Field at 8 p.m.

The Home Run Derby winner will be given a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado.

In addition, Chevrolet will be the presenting sponsor of the All-Star Red Carpet Show, which will see the MLB All-Stars travel across New York City’s 42nd Street in Chevrolet’s new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado prior to the 2013 MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday, July 16.

Chevy will be the presenting sponsor of the All-Star Game pre-game show on FOX, as well as the presenting sponsor of the All-Star Game MVP award.

“The Car Chasers” debuts on CNBC Tues. March 5 at 10 PM eastern

Car Chasers

‘The Car Chasers’  Jeff Allen and Perry Barndt

New Series Debut on CNBC Prime Time

 By Gerry Miles

You’ve heard of flipping a house for profits? You might have even stumbled upon it on HGTV where a home needs some TLC and dough-ray-me to get spruced up, spit-shined and sold at a tidy profit to those with the elbow grease.

Enter the automotive world of car flipping in “The Car Chasers” on CNBC, debuting March 5 at 10 p.m. eastern.

This eight episode, one-hour series will feature the pursuit, sale and potential profit of Jeff Allen and Perry Barndt from Lubbock, Texas.

In the premiere, Jeff and Perry chase the lead on an iconic 1981 Ferrari in Las Vegas with huge potential to make a lot of profit.  With the pressure on to make money, Jeff and Perry head to the Dallas Leake auction to move inventory including a 1995 Harley Davidson Fat Boy with ties to the Terminator movie series.

A teaser for the second episode notes, “Jeff and Perry find a hidden compound of cars in Midland Odessa, TX with a treasure trove of priceless cars, including a 1969 Dickie Harrell Camaro 427 that could sell for upwards of one million dollars.

The team also heads to a swap meet in Pomona, CA to shop muscle cars including 1931 Ford hot rod.  Emotions run high as Jeff and his dad take negotiations to the racetrack when they go head-to-head over a $1,500 spread on a 1969 Chevy Camaro.

The Backstory

Think American Pickers meets the auto world. Jeff is the dealmaker.  Perry is the artist.  Meg controls the money.  They buy, fix and flip cars but turning a profit is never a sure thing during tough economic times.  Whether it’s a rare Shelby Mustang or a vintage hot rod, the key is buy low and sell high, something that doesn’t always happen.  And there are other hazards when it comes to selling car, like negotiation with your own dad.  Tom “Roundman” Souter, Jeff’s dad, runs his own classic car dealership right around the corner from Jeff’s shop.  They are not just regular trading partners; they are trading partners hell-bent on one-upmanship. Tom says doing a deal with his son is like being locked in a closet with a porcupine, “it’s gonna hurt but you know it won’t kill you.”

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