Are you ready for winter driving? Think again.

Ford-Dealership-165-e1435000900285BY GERRY MILES

It’s easy to think that since we live here, and have done so on a regular basis that we’re skilled enough to handle each season’s snowstorms no matter how hard they pelt us as we wish for spring and summer’s unseasonably warm temperatures.

The folks over at, led by Craig Fitzgerald who (hardly) never met an old car with rear-drive he didn’t like equipped with studs that could handle the white stuff with aplomb, have compiled a complete guide to all things winter weather related for vehicular travel that can be found by clicking on this link.

More appropriately, they call it their “Ultimate Guide to Winter Driving.”

There’s links, guides, the difference of front-wheel vs. rear-wheel driving cars and handling or how not to have them handle in the snow and more.

It’s also done in conjunction with Car Talk ( yes those fine folks in the People’s Republic of Cambridge, MA (their fair city) led by Ray Magliozzi who enjoys a laugh almost as he does actual and factual information with Craig Fitzgerald.

Click the link and you’ll be sure to find something that will make your winter trip much safer and eliminate the need to replace a perfectly good set of Fruit of the Looms that no bleach can clean just because you were foolish behind the wheel.