Ram Rebel 4×4 special edition revealed

PH-615009998-4BY GERRY MILES

Special, limited editions are nothing new in most parts of retail. Especially the automotive segment. Smaller numbers produced some exclusivity for buyers – or some the OEMs hope they can sell on that point – and special doodads, add-ons and badges no one will see on any other similar but not quite the same offering with a slightly special price, too.

To usher in summer, Ram has produced 500 limited editions of its Rebel for 2016 for $53,665, which includes the delivery fee. Now that’s special.

The Rebel comes in but two colors: Brilliant Black or a two-tone Flame Red with Brilliant Black along the bottom and two stripes down its nose.

Mopar produced at least one limited-edition version of an FCA vehicle each year since 2010 that of course … wait for it …. sold out. In 2010, the Dodge Challenger appeared in special livery and again in 2014; two Dodge Chargers were offered in 2011 and 2015; a Dodge Dart in 2013 and a Chrysler 300 in 2012.

Whattaya get?

PH-615009998-2Your Rebel gets off-road wheel flares, a special blue/black stripe down both sides and across the tailgate, an aluminum dual bezel hood with graphics.

Under the hood the already produced rough and ready Ram is powered by a standard 5.7-liter V-8 and eight-speed automatic transmission.

PH-615009998-3The accessory package boasts a skid plate in case you misjudge the road and the log during a crossing, 17-inch satin black wheels, stainless steel door sill guards and, wait for it, special interior badges. Useful addons includes black tubular steel side-steps, a spray-on bedliner and tri-fold tonneau cover for the bed featuring the Ram logo.

At delivery, the Rebel will arrived with a “metal birth certificate” listing the truck‚Äôs specifications and date of manufacture. Honest you can’t make some stuff up.