Scion teases two new models for NY Auto Show debut

World Debuts of Scion iM 5-door hatchback and Scion iA sedan

TORRANCE, Calif., March 18, 2015 – One look at Scion won’t be enough for guests attending the New York International Auto Show.  It will take two looks (or more) to see the World Debuts from Scion. Both the Scion iM and the newly named Scion iA will be revealed on the eve of the show, March 31, 2015.

2015 Scion iM Teaser

2015 Scion iM Teaser

The Scion iM is a 5-door hatchback that combines maximum versatility with a sporty design and a fun-to-drive experience.

2015 Scion iA Teaser

2015 Scion iA Teaser

Meanwhile the Scion iA sedan is designed to appeal to young people who need a little more practicality, but still want engaging styling and outstanding driving dynamics.

The “i” in the models’ names can stand for intriguing, individual, and easy on customers’ income. The “M” reflects the hatchback’s modern style and multi-faceted uses. Meanwhile the “A” for the sedan denotes the accommodating trunk and the aggressive styling.

“We’ve been eagerly waiting for this moment and are excited to introduce our new Scions in New York,” said Scion Group Vice President Doug Murtha. “Both the iM and the iA are tremendous additions to our line-up and will appeal to young people with different perspectives and needs. These cars represent the evolution of Scion and are kicking off a new wave of momentum for the brand.”


Forget the jokes, Scion’s iQ is a real (small) car

2013 Scion iQ

2013 Scion iQ


Where’s the rest of the car?

Will it become a sedan after you add water? How many clowns can you fit inside … besides yourself?

Those are the most frequent comments I received based on a week of driving in the 2013 Scion iQ. Anyone who opts for this bulldog cute city commuter car should be prepared for similar remarks should they fall for any microcar.

Aimed at attracting youthful buyers, Scion scored street cred supporting dance parties or raves, skateboarding, and events where attendees customized their rides on two or four-wheels. They also learned a lot about what drivers wanted, and they provided it. With that blueprint, Scion offered a solid, basic car set: the xA (it looked likeadoorstop) and xB (boxy with a spoiler off the back). The xD, a more squat, square-ish offering, and the tC later followed.

Today’s review vehicle, the iQ—no, the “i” has nothing to do with Apple products—is what Scion calls the premium microcar. That seems high praise for a car that at one time competed only with the Smart Car but now finds itself battling the Fiat 500, Mini Cooper, and Mazda2 in the crowded small/microcar corral. The Cooper is the largest feeling and heaviest (2,535 pounds) of the group. Mazda’s 2 is the longest (35 inches longer than the iQ’s 120-inch length) and weighs as much as the 500 but its 100 hp output puts it in the middle of the offerings.

The iQ is offered in one mode: the two-door hatch with a 1.3-liter, 94 hp, I-4 engine mated to a CVT transmission, lots of standard items such as ABS brakes and electronic brake distribution (EBD), plus 11 airbags and combined EPA numbers of 37 mpg.

That’s a lot packed into a little car that’s much roomier inside than it outwardly appears. Though it claims room for four (Scion calls it a 3+1 setup), allowing for three adults and one small child, but that is an overly generous claim of space.Two average adults can sit in comfort upfront. With the driver’s seat fully extended, however, you’d be hard pressed to place some groceries behind it, nevermind a small human. A shorter front passenger might allowasimilarly short person—say the late Hervé Villechaize from “Fantasy Island”—behind the front seat, but only if the trips are short. If revenge is a motive, by all means take an extended ride along the Jamaicaway, seek out the potholes, tightly cutting the apex of the corners.Toss in a rotary for good measure, and the iQ’s short wheelbase should leave the reprobate shaken and stirred.

If you’re not sitting in steerage, the ride upfront is quite nice.The seats are slim but stronger than believed and best suited for short stints. The curious will want to slide in, just to see if they can, and ask where you hide the clowns.

Front seat room has been maximized by some engineering feats. By putting the differential in front of the transmission, Scion produced a shorter front overhang. A high-mounted steering rack and compact AC unit also saved space while spurning traditional placement and designs.The gas tank is flat and placed under the floor to reduce rear overhang.

There is some storage space behind the rear seats, if you’re stowing a magazine or two. Folding the rear seats will provide more storage room, but only in relation to the car’s size. The optional cargo net ($65) is a waste as is the rear package shelf ($20), since there’s so little room behind rear seats that nearly touch the rear window.

The more I drove the iQ, the more I liked its spritely manner, smirking at gas pumps, and parking anywhere I wanted, courtesy of its 13-foot turning radius. Its size let me squeeze into a space on Plum Island while seeking a late breakfast at Mad Martha’s.

Scion's 1.3-L engine

Scion’s 1.3-L engine

The small engine is purposeful, but, as expected, will protest under heavy demands and uphill. Many blame the CVT and the missing interaction that a manual provides with timely downshifts, but in the words of a famed football coach, “It is what it is.”

Acceleration can best be achieved by leaving your right foot down to keep the revs up. Driving was more spirited than expected and for an urban shuttle car, it was just fine.

But having the speedometer even show three digits indicates how silly the marketing department is. Does anyone really think the iQ could hit 100, nevermind 120 mph? Hello, McFly.

Its small size was amplified along Route 101 to New Hampshire’s seacoast where strong crosswinds and trailing air off tractor trailers pushed the Scion’s 2,127 pounds around.

The tall headrests on the rear seats obscure any chance of reading the nameplates of vehicles behind you and are best removed. Honestly, no one will ever sit there.

Economically, the EPA numbers were less than billed. With the low fuel gauge blinking, often indicating 50 miles to go, it needed only 6.5 gallons to fill up its 8.5-gallon tank, yielding 30.7 mpgs in 200 mixed miles of mostly highway driving. The car sticker proclaims an overall EPA of 37 mpgs. I expect city driving would produce higher numbers, since that’s part and parcel of the car’s primary mission.

Scion iQ's bobtailed backside

Scion iQ’s bobtailed backside

One neat part of the car’s styling is the way two side spoilers slip around off the rear quarter windows and around the rear glass window.

The tester came with a few spiffy options, the Pioneer Premium HD radio ($479) and XM Satellite ($449) that spiked the total options added to $1,203.

With a starting point of $15,265 that ended at $17,198, the car likely will have folks dividing the cost per foot as they would a house. That said, there are many other options and competition that will provide a similar, if not more powerful, ride with a small trade-off at the pump.

2013 Scion iQ

2013 Scion iQ

If you believe that good things truly come in small packages, you’ll admire the Scion iQ microcar. If you’ve followed what Scion’s done in the past, expect more technologies and customizations to transfer down the line.


  • Price, base/as tested (with destination): $15,265. / $17,198.
  • Fuel economy, EPA estimated: 36 mpg city / 37 mpg highway.
  • Fuel economy, observed: 30.2 mpgs.
  • Drivetrain: 1.3-liter I-4 front-engine, Continually Variable Transmission (CVT), front-wheel-drive.
  • Body: 4 passenger, 2-door hatchback, microcar.
  • Horsepower: 94
  • Torque: 89 lb.-ft.
  • Overall length: 120.1 in.
  • Wheelbase: 78.7 in.
  • Height: 59.1 in.
  • Width: 66.1 in.
  • Curb weight: 2,127 pounds.

THE GOOD: Fuel economy, easy to park city car. Options allow customization.

THE BAD: No real rear seat room. Rear seat headrests block view out back window. No manual transmission.

THE BOTTOM LINE: A contender in a competitive small car segment.

ALSO CONSIDER: Smart fortwo, Mini Cooper, Mazda2, Fiat 500.

Scion’s back to tackle Pike’s Peak Hill Climb


2013 Scion xD Rally

Three Drivers Take on the 12.42 Mile Course; FR-S attempts first hill assault

Scion Racing will make its second appearance at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb June 30, with the FR-S debuting for its first race up the 14,110 foot summit in Colorado Springs, Colo. Now in its 91st year, the iconic and highly competitive event takes drivers up a 12.42-mile course with 156 turns to the top of Pikes Peak.

Driver Andrew Comrie-Picard will be in the Scion Racing Rally xD, and Takeshi Aizawa will be piloting the GReddy tC, both making their second trips up the mountain. Driver Robert Walker is a rookie to Pikes Peak and will be behind the wheel of a FR-S built by Evasive Motorsports. All three Scions have been modified for safety and increased performance. Comrie-Picard and Aizawa will be competing in the Time Attack class, while Walker will be racing in the Unlimited class.

“Scion Racing is thrilled to bring three talented drivers and teams to our second visit at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, one of the world’s most spectacular races,” said Steve Hatanaka, Scion marketing and special events manager. “This event pushes drivers and vehicles to their extreme limits, and we are looking forward to showcasing the capabilities of three different Scion models on the mountain course.”

For more information about the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, visit Scion Racing also includes teams competing in drag, drift and road racing series. For information, videos and interviews with drivers, visit

Scion 10-track music series celebrates 10th anniversary

Building upon its 10th anniversary, the youthful Scion line of Toyota, released a 10-track compilation, featuring artists they’ve worked with in the past as well as a few new ones entitled, Scion 10 Series Music Release.
From rockers the Melvins, to Detroit techno luminary Moodymann, to famed hip-hop producer Harry Fraud, and retro pop synthesizers Chromatics, unreleased tracks from the Scion A/V archives will be showcased.

The tracks from the compilation will be released over the next several weeks starting with The Melvins “Dr. Mule” and JonWayne “Rap Robbery”on May 28. Full schedule and download information can be found on

To stream the tracks, please visit Scion’s official website:

The move is not new to Scion, who supported raves and other events as a way to grass roots market its brand to its young crowd, draw street cred and notoriety as being hip and happening simultaneously.

Over the past 10 years, Scion A/V has been supporting an array of cutting edge artists from various areas of music genres and subcultures.

“The past 10 years have been invigorating to partner with various artists and we’re thrilled to showcase a compilation of music that demonstrates the work we’ve done and what we strive to accomplish,” says Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotions for Scion.

Track listing and Release Schedule:

1.      Melvins – Dr. Mule (5/23)
2.      JonWayne ft. Jeremiah Jae – Rap Robbery (5/23)
3.      Jeesh – Celebration Anthem (5/23)
4.      ASG – Mourning of the Earth (5/30)
5.      Poolside – If We Make It (5/30)
6.      White Hills – Forever In Space (Enlightened) (6/3)
7.      Harry Fraud ft. Smoke DZA – Win (6/3)
8.      Chromatics – Red Car (6/5)
9.      Hot Lunch – Hooray For Everything (6/5)
10.    Moodymann – Some Mo (6/10)

For More Information About Scion A/V Go Here
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If you’re looking for something very different from the main, this may be the stuff you want shuffling through the iPod. Or smartphone. You understand.

Scion lists tC and iQ pricing, 10 series line


Special editions in the auto world are nothing new. In fact, I almost expect a special edition with an outdoor company name — think Eddie Bauer and LL Bean — or other association that promotes cross-branding and promotions.

Scion just announced a limited production series of its Scion line – called the Scion 10 Series that includes spiffs from the tC and iQ to the ’13 xD, xB and FR-S to celebrate the line’s 10th anniversary. Why not include Bo Derek who was the perfect 10 in the 1979 movie before Mary Lou Retton even took home the gold at the 1984 LA Olympics?

The Scion 10 Series includes enhancements to the new tC and iQ as well as to the 2013 models of the xD, xB and FR-S in celebration of the brand’s 10th anniversary.


2014 Scion tC
The 2014 tC debuted recently at the New York Auto Show with aggressive styling, an upgraded interior and a peformance-based driving experience via an auto tranny that is said to change gears nearly twice as fast as its predecessor. It also boasts Dynamic Rev Management technology.

The tC also comes with the all-new Scion Standard Display Audio, featuring a 6.1-inch LCD touchscreen, Bluetooth® compatibility, HD Radio™ technology and steering wheel-mounted controls.

The MSRP for the Scion tC will be $20,210 for the automatic transmission model and $19,210 for the manual transmission. It will arrive in showrooms in June.

Bespoke Details and Pricing
The tC now offers the all-new Scion BeSpoke Premium Audio system featuring Aha™. In addition to full navigation services, this upgraded system connects with compatible smartphones through Aha to access 30,000 free audio stations, including audiobook stations, sports, news, entertainment and Scion’s own signature station featuring a lineup of its 17 music channels for $1,198.

2014 Scion iQ

The 2014 iQ carry over adds the Display Audio found in the 2014 tC. The MSRP for the 2014 Scion iQ is $15,665.

Limited Production Scion 10 Series

The limited-production Scion 10 Series features a unique version painted Silver Ignition, with matching silver seat belts and carries through the anniversary theme through unique interior and exterior touches. All Scion 10 Series models will feature the Scion Standard Display Audio with 6.1-inch LCD touchscreen.

Scion will produce 10,000 Scion 10 Series vehicles total, which will begin arriving in dealerships in June.

Scion 10 Series 2014 tC
The tC comes with premium stitching on the steering wheel and seats, projector-beam headlights, LED accent lighting, 18-inch gloss dark gray alloy wheels, an electroluminescent panel above the radio, and front and rear locator badges that light up when the car is unlocked. A side skirt with a Scion badge is included, along with a solar-powered illuminated shift knob and front, rear and cargo Scioncarpet mats. The MSRP for the Scion 10 Series tC will be $22,440 for the automatic transmission and $21,440 for the manual transmission.

Scion 10 Series 2014 iQ
The iQ comes with projector-beam headlights, 16-inch graphite gray alloy wheels, two electroluminescent panels on the center console, front and rear locator badges, a solar-powered illuminated shift knob and Scion carpet mats throughout the car. The MSRP for the Scion 10 Series iQ will be $17,850.

Scion 10 Series 2013 FR-S
The FR-S comes with dual auto A/C, HID headlights, LED DRL accent lighting, 17-inch standard wheels, a frameless rearview mirror, a dashboard electroluminescent panel, front and rear locator badges, a solar-powered illuminated shift knob (only available on the automatic transmission model) and a Scion carpet mat in the cargo area. The MSRP for the Scion 10 Series FR-S will be $28,675 for the automatic transmission and $27,425 for the manual transmission.

Scion 10 Series 2013 xB
The xB comes with projector beam headlights, LED accent lighting, 16-inch graphite gray alloy wheels, a dashboard electroluminescent panel, front and rear locator badges, a solar-powered illuminated shift knob and Scion carpet mats throughout the car. The MSRP for the Scion 10 Series xB will be $20,160 for the automatic transmission and $19,210 for the manual transmission.

Scion 10 Series 2013 xD 
The xD comes with premium stitching on the seats, multi-reflector halogen headlights, 16-inch graphite gray alloy wheels, an electroluminescent panel above the radio, a rear vehicle locator badge, a solar-powered illuminated shift knob and Scion carpet mats in the front, rear and cargo areas. The MSRP for the Scion 10 Series xD will be $18,955 for the automatic transmission and $18,155 for the manual transmission.

Scion MSRPs do not include a $755 delivery, processing and handling (DPH) for all Scion models.

Scion Pricing Chart

Model # Grade MSRP
6223 SCION tC 3-DOOR HATCHBACK (MT) $19,210
6222 SCION tC 3-DOOR HATCHBACK (AT) $20,210
6242 SCION iQ 3-DOOR HATCHBACK $15,665
Scion 10 Series Editions
6229 SCION tC 3-DOOR HATCHBACK (MT) $21,440
6228 SCION tC 3-DOOR HATCHBACK (AT) $22,440
6248 SCION iQ 3-DOOR HATCHBACK $17,850
6239 SCION xD (MT) $18,155
6238 SCION xD (AT) $18,955
6209 SCION xB (MT) $19,210
6208 SCION xB (AT) $20,160
6259 SCION FR-S 2-DOOR COUPE (MT) $27,425
6258 SCION FR-S 2-DOOR COUPE (AT) $28,675

All prices listed above exclude the delivery, processing and handling (DPH) fee

Meguiar’s Sponsors Photo Contest for In-Game Vehicle Shots

Xbox 360 game players who want a free, excuse me, FREE download of the Meguiars Scion FR-S can get a free download of the car for anyone who already owns Forza Horizon or Forza Motorsports 4 players who have purchased the August Playseat car pack.

The real, gleaming yellow Meguiar’s Scion FR-S was designed in partnership with Scion and debuted at the 2012 SEMA Show and was digitally recreated inside the two Forza franchises by  Turn 10 Studios.

Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studios, makers of the Forza Motorsport franchise for the Xbox 360, created the digital likeness of the real-world, Meguiar’s Inc., modified Scion FR-S.

The real Meguiar’s Scion FR-S was designed in partnership with Scion and debuted at the 2012 SEMA Show and was digitally recreated inside the two Forza franchises by Turn 10 Studios.

“The Forza Motorsport games encourage players to customize cars to reflect their individuality, and both the real and digital versions of the Meguiar’s FR-S stand out from the pack,” said Scion Vice President Doug Murtha. “Bringing the FR-S into the Forza franchise is a great match of Scion customization and a vehicle that is a lot of fun to drive inside the game and out.”

To encourage players to share photos of their digital FR-S cars on the track, Meguiar’s is sponsoring a Forza Horizon photo contest that ends on May 17, 2013. Winners will have chances to win prizes from Meguiar’s and Xbox 360 by taking snapshots of the FR-S within the game. A “Rivals Mode” race events was created in both games to give players a chance to test out their new cars in competition.

To enter the Forza Horizon Photo Contest, visit more information.

2014 Scion tC Sports Coupe Makes World Debut at NYork Auto Show

Without even the usual teaser photo, Scion has announced that the 2014 tC Sports Coupe will make its world debut on Thursday, March 28 at the NY Auto Show.

It will also be carried live over their internet feed if you’re so inclined.