Toyota sets 2014 prices for FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser, Prius v, Sequoia, Sienna, Venza and Camry

TORRANCE, Calif., August 2, 2013– -Toyota Motor Sales has announced product and price changes for a number of 2014 model year vehicles. Toyota products affected by these changes include:

  • FJ Cruiser
  • Land Cruiser
  • Prius v
  • Sequoia
  • Sienna
  • Venza
  • Camry

The vehicle content changes and average percentage increase in price are summarized below:

  • FJ Cruiser increases an average of $100 (0.4%)
    • For 2014, FJ Cruiser will offer Cement Grey as a new color option, and Cavalry Blue will be discontinued
    • The truck’s suspension has been improved with an available performance damper
    • A special edition version will be available in February 2014
  • Land Cruiser increases an average of $200.00 (0.3%)
    • For 2014, Land Cruiser is a carryover model with no changes from 2013.
  • Prius v increases an average of $100 (0.4%)
    • For 2014, Prius v is equipped with standard Daytime Running Lights (DRL) for all trim levels. In addition, the Panoramic View Moonroof (currently available as part of the Advanced Technology package on Prius v Five) will be offered as a stand-alone option on Prius v Three.
  • Sequoia increases an average of $711.00 (1.3%),
    • For 2014, Sequoia is equipped with the next generation Entune™ Audio system as follows:
      • SR5 – Entune™ Audio Plus is standard, Entune™ Premium Audio with Navigation and App Suite optional
      • Limited – Entune™ Premium Audio with Navigation and App Suite is standard, Entune™ Premium JBL Audio with Navigation and App Suite is optional
      • Platinum – Entune™ Premium JBL Audio with Navigation and App Suite is standard
  • Sienna increases an average of $248.00 (0.8%)
    • For 2014MY, Sienna receives the following updates across all grades:
      • Illuminated cruise control stalk (for both regular and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control)
      • Sienna now has 3500 lbs. towing capacity standard.
      • The Towing Prep Package equipment is now standard equipment across all grades (with the exception of Mobility grades).
  • L
    • Manual lumbar support no longer offered
  • SE
    • Blind Spot Monitor will become a standalone option on SE grade
  • Venza increases an average of $259.00 (0.8%)
    • For 2014, to better match our offerings with customer demand, Venza will no longer offer the following color combinations:
      • Cosmic Gray Exterior with Ivory Fabric or Ivory Leather Interior
      • Sunset Bronze Exterior with Black Fabric or Black Leather Interior
  • XLE
    • Adds power folding outside mirrors to the list of standard equipment
  • Limited
    • 13MY standard equipment, plus:
      • Power folding outside mirrors
      • Front and rear backup sonar

Camry and Camry SE Sport

  • Camry SE Sport will be re-introduced for 2014.  The SE Sport adds appealing equipment to the four-cylinder Camry that includes:
    • Standard equipment:
      • 18” Smoked Alloy wheels (currently standard on SE V6)
      • Power Driver’s Seat
      • Moonroof
    • Optional equipment:
      • The only option for Camry SE Sport is Display Audio with Entune App Suite
    • The SE Sport is value priced with an MSRP of $25,090 (without DPH) regardless of exterior color.
      • This reflects a discount of $435

Toyota vehicles and Destination, Processing, and Handling (DPH) fee 

The Destination, Processing and Handling (DPH) fees shall be increased for all vehicles except for the Large Trucks and Large SUV categories.


DPH Current ($) New ($) Change ($)
Passenger Car $795 $810 $15
Small Light Truck $845 $860 $15
Large Truck SUV $995 $995 $0
Scion $755 $755 $0

The DPH fee is based on the value of the processing, handling and delivery services Toyota provides.  Toyota’s objective is to set this fee at a level that is competitive with the amount charged by other manufacturers for similar services and takes into account such factors as fuel prices.

The Delivery, Processing and Handling fee for vehicles distributed by SET and GST may vary.##

Grade Current MSRP New MSRP MSRP Chg ($) MSRP Chg (%)
PRIUS v Two Model $26,650 $26,750 $100 0.4%
PRIUS v Three Model $27,415 $27,515 $100 0.4%
PRIUS v Five Model $30,295 $30,395 $100 0.3%
VENZA LE L4 FWD $27,850 $27,950 $100 0.4%
VENZA LE V6 FWD $29,670 $29,770 $100 0.3%
VENZA LE L4 AWD $29,300 $29,400 $100 0.3%
VENZA LE V6 AWD $31,120 $31,220 $100 0.3%
VENZA XLE L4 FWD $31,510 $31,810 $300 1.0%
VENZA XLE V6 FWD $33,330 $33,630 $300 0.9%
VENZA XLE L4 AWD $32,960 $33,260 $300 0.9%
VENZA XLE V6 AWD $34,780 $35,080 $300 0.9%
VENZA Limited V6 FWD $37,570 $38,120 $550 1.5%
VENZA Limited V6 AWD $39,020 $39,570 $550 1.4%
FJ CRUISER 4×2 SUV $27,030 $27,130 $100 0.4%
FJ CRUISER 4×4 SUV $28,210 $28,310 $100 0.4%
FJ CRUISER 4×4 SUV $28,620 $28,720 $100 0.3%
SIENNA CE V6 CARGO VAN $24,805 $24,920 $115 0.5%
SIENNA L FWD 7 PSGR $26,585 $26,920 $335 1.3%
SIENNA LE FWD AUTO ACCESS SEAT $36,370 $36,505 $355 1.0%
SIENNA LE FWD 7 PSGR MOBILITY $30,335 $30,690 $355 1.2%
SIENNA LE FWD 8 PSGR $30,135 $30,490 $355 1.2%
SIENNA SE FWD 8 PSGR $33,725 $33,860 $135 0.4%
SIENNA XLE FWD AUTO ACCESS SEAT $40,780 $40,915 $355 0.9%
SIENNA XLE FWD 8 PSGR $33,510 $33,645 $135 0.4%
SIENNA LTD FWD 7 PSGR $40,105 $40,240 $135 0.3%
SIENNA LE AWD 7 PSGR $32,465 $32,920 $455 1.4%
SIENNA XLE AWD 7 PSGR $35,950 $36,185 $235 0.7%
SIENNA LTD AWD 7 PSGR $41,475 $41,710 $235 0.6%
LAND CRUISER 4WD SUV V8 $78,555 $78,755 $200 0.3%
SEQUOIA 4×2 5DR SR5 V8 SUV $42,455 $43,595 $1,140 2.7%
SEQUOIA 4×4 5DR SR5 V8 SUV $45,680 $46,820 $1,140 2.5%
SEQUOIA 4×2 5DR LTD V8 SUV $51,940 $52,555 $615 1.2%
SEQUOIA 4×4 5DR LTD V8 SUV $55,165 $55,780 $615 1.1%
SEQUOIA 4×2 5DR PLAT V8 SUV $59,845 $60,295 $450 0.8%
SEQUOIA 4×4 5DR PLAT V8 SUV $63,070 $63,520 $450 0.7%
SEQUOIA 4×4 5DR SR5 V8 SUV $45,680 $46,820 $1,140 2.5%
SEQUOIA 4×4 5DR LTD V8 SUV $55,165 $55,780 $615 1.1%
SEQUOIA 4×4 5DR PLAT V8 SUV $63,070 $63,520 $450 0.7%

Top American cars for 4th of July are Japanese-made

2013 Toyota Avalon

2013 Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon most ‘American’ car among sedans


This news didn’t really shock me that much. A great deal of Hondas are made in Ohio. Nissans are in Tennesee, BMW’s in Spartanburg, S.C., Chryslers up in Canada, some Fords are farmed out to Mexico and the list goes on in true global manufacturing form.

Sure you can go all “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet” in your American purchase, selecting a vehicle with a bowtie on the grille, or review the research from my friends at that examines “American content”. Doing just this, discovered that the “most American” vehicle in 4 of 8 vehicle segments is made by one of the two Japanese brands.

Research found that the Toyota Avalon (80% U.S./Canadian content) was the “most American” car among sedans. Toyota Tundra (75%) and Toyota Venza (65%) each tied for the “most American” vehicle distinction within the Trucks and Wagons categories, respectively. Meanwhile, Honda Crosstour (75%) is the “most American” car among hatchbacks.




% U.S./Canadian Composition*


Chrysler 200



Chevrolet Camaro



Honda Crosstour



Dodge Grand Caravan



Toyota Avalon



Ford Expedition



(tie) Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra



(tie) Cadillac CTS Wagon, Toyota Venza


* –   percentage of U.S./Canadian content based on information reported by carmakers to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) under the American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA).

“In a world of global supply chains, buying an ‘American’ car can be difficult,” says Consumer Advice Editor Carroll Lachnit. “A car’s ‘American-ness’ is often in the eye of the car shopper and the manufacturer. The 2013 Avalon, for example, was designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States and 80 percent of its content is domestic. Many car buyers, however, reject the idea that a company based in Tokyo City makes ‘American’ cars.”

Finding a car that’s born and bred in the United States was supposed to be made easier by the American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA), which requires carmakers to provide parts-sourcing and manufacturing information to car buyers. But the AALA list (which used for its analysis) can be puzzling. Under its provisions, for example, the term “American” means either U.S. or Canadian content.

To comply with AALA, the window sticker of a new car must have a section that shows:

  • The percentage of U.S./Canadian parts content for the car line.
  • The names of any countries other than the U.S. and Canada that individually contribute 15 percent or more of the equipment content, and the percentage of content for each such country, to a maximum of two countries.
  • The final assembly point by city, state (where appropriate) and country.
  • The country of origin of the engine.
  • The country of origin of the transmission.
  • A statement that explains that parts content does not include final assembly (except the engine and transmission), distribution or other non-parts costs.

Ultimately, says, car buyers still have to decide if those factors add up to their personal definitions of an “American” car. has more information on how to evaluate an “American” car at

When a car buyer purchases an “American” car from a foreign automaker, does that money stay in the U.S. or does it go back to the carmaker’s home country? attempts to answer this question at

Happy Fourth of July, America!